Fast Food Fact:

dance 15 minutes of dancing burns about 75 calories. A Big Mac with cheese can have 700 calories. You would have to dance for almost 2 1/2 hours to burn off that burger ! 1 burger has almost half the daily recommended allowance of salf and fat.

       YIKES !

Stop the Pop!
18 Goal Golf


What do you get when you cross soccor
with golf? 18 Goal Golf !


soccerSoccer players run on average as many as
6 miles during the course of a game



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Health / Physical Education

Be at your best & feel good!
apple tiggersleep

Eat Healthy
Get plenty of Sleep
Get plenty of Exercise

Skater Boy

Your aim is to play as a skater boy and travel through the tunnel to cover maximum possible distance and achieve the best score. Avoid all the obstacles by tackling them wisely as game will be over if you hit them more then four times. Also the difficulty will increase as you progress in the advance levels. Have Fun!

Extreme Snowboard

Keep your balance as you whizz down the freezing steep slopes, collecting stars along the way and performing impressive tricks!

Basketball Shots

It's time to hit the court and shoot some hoops. The NBA is knocking on your door but your coach wants you to brush up on your skills. Show him you have what it takes to take on the big guys!

The A B C’s of Happiness

Aspire to reach your potential. Believe in yourself. Create a good life. Dream about what you might become. Exercise frequently.
Forgive honest mistakes. Glorify the creative spirit. Humor yourself and others. Imagine great things. Joyfully live each day.
Kindly help others Love one another. Meditate daily. Nurture the environment. Organize for harmonious action.
Praise performance well done. Question most things. Regulate your own behavior. Smile often. Think rationally. Understand yourself.
Value life. Work for the common good. X-ray and carefully examine problems. Yearn to improve. Zestfully pursue happiness.

Robert Valatt
from Prescription for Happiness