Dirt Bike

dirt bikeIn this extreme dirt biking game you have to ride your dirt bike through various challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all of the levels successfully. Be warned though, this game is highly addictive! Good Luck!.


Dirt Bike 2

dirt bike 2In this version you get a chance to test your biking skills on one of the most dangerous rocky terrains around. You should be very careful as you make your way and avoid crashing or hitting any obstacles or you will lose the game. Try to reach the flag at the end of a course to proceed to the next and more challenging level. Try to complete a level in the fastest time possible to score the highest points.


Dirt Bike 4

dirt bike 4The goal is to complete all levels in the shortest amount of time without falling off your bike. The quicker you finish, the higher the score. Try to avoid odd angles when jumping off the rooftops and try to get the bike stable at all times. Good Luck!.


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"The greatest discovery of any generation
is that a human being can alter his life
by altering his attitude."
-William James
Mario Ride
Mario Ride

Your Favorite Super Mario is back, but this time he is on the ride. Mario Ride has 10 challenging levels to clear with lots of stars to collect in the journey. Help Mario to clear all levels on his bike.

Parking Perfection 4
Parking Perfection 4

Think you have the parking skills? We'll test you in the toughest arena known to the parking elite: the Supermarket. Loose carts, oversized SUVs and sticky children. Oh noes!

Pacman Advanced

Use the arrow keys to control pac man to eat all the food in the maze. When you have eaten the red food, you can eat the ghosts as well. But before that, you have to escape from them otherwise they will eat you!


Gobble up all the flies!

Check This Out

Now THAT'S a marble run!