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Learning to Tell Time

Hickory Dickory Clock

tick tock Watch out for the cat!
The mouse stays put
when you select the correct time.
This game requires students to use written words.





Tick Tock Even the medium level is challenging.
Students must understand the language
“what time will it be in __ hours”




Bedtime Bandits

tick tock Definitely a reach ahead game.
You have to wipe out the clock
by flashing a light on the correct time.
Make a mistake and the clocks fall faster.
When a clock hits the floor it’s bed time.
You must be able to tell time
accurately to five-minute intervals.



More Time Games

tick tock PAGE 2



The Hour
Tick Tock

What time is it?

Tick Tock
tick tock

Can you set the clock to the right time?

Time Marches On
Tick Tock

Select the correct time displayed

Clock Fun
Tick Tock

"Help Marvin travel through time to find his astronaut friend."

What time is it?
Tick Tock

Click on the digital clock that shows the same time as the analog clock

Why are there different time zones?
choo choo
Sir Sandford Fleming, KCMG (January 7, 1827-July 22, 1915) was a Scottish Canadian engineer and inventor. Born and raised in Scotland, he emigrated to colonial Canada at the age of 18. He proposed worldwide standard time zones.

The history of time and how trains changed everything.